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08 March 2011 @ 11:44 pm
UNTITLED Chapter 2  
 Title: Untitled
Author: xinwo 
Pairing: Leehom Wang/Yi Fei, JinKi/Jonghyun [Main], JinKi/Kibum [Main], Minho/Taemin, Yoon Ho/ Je Jung
Fandom: Leehom Wang, Shinee, Hit5, DBSK
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, Character Death, Slice of Life
Rating: PG-15
Length: 2/?
Warning: Boy/boy , M-preg, Character death
Summary: After the recovering from the accident 2 years ago, Jonghyun age 26 finds himself married to a man, he doesn’t recognise as the man he agreed to marry 2 years ago. What happens then when you find out the reason behind the man’s condition is partly his fault? Will he be able to stick to the man and help towards the recovery or run away as he did 2 years ago?
Synopsis: A predestined formula of fate undergoes countless reincarnations
You frowned, crying for love lost
Even if the annals of history had already become dust
My love will not disappear

发如雪; Jay chou~
Notes: Appa Father= Man in the relationship
Dad Mother= Woman in the relationship

Jonghyun stared at the sleeping figure on the bed from the bed room door that was sleeping quietly after the hustle and bustle of the day. But looking at the sleeping figure, a thin line of tear marked Jonghyun’s face, as a thick lump appeared in his throat making it harder to swallow down the reality of his marriage.

Happy Marriage huh?, Jonghyun laughed bitterly, his eyes moisten from the unshed tears, as another line of tear escaped his eye.

4 hour before
After the ceremony ended, everyone had gone to their own room to change into normal clothes so that all the people would attend the wedding bouquet comfortably without the hassle of heavily decorated and traditional clothes. To which Jonghyun agreed to immediately. He changed into a comfortable black suit, with the combination of white shirt and a bow tie that was designed by his brother JaeJoong, just for him but it seem that it was also one of the series of his mother-in-law. But this wasn’t what Jonghyun wanted.

“There you go Jonghyun ah, all done” JaeJoong said, as he turned Jonghyun to look at the mirror and patted Jonghyun’s back in satisfaction on the result. “Don’t our Jonhyunnnie look so stunning today?” JaeJoong settled to teasing, which was replied with a pout from Jonghyun along with a puppy eyes to his step brother. Since Jonghyun wasn’t particularly a person that likes to wear suit for long period of time and the idea of wearing a suit till he reached the Lee Mansion wasn’t that appealing to him?

“But Hyung why can’t I wear a t-shirt and quarter pants like you guys did in your marriage huh?” Jonghyun questioned while wrenching his face. Even though, he did look good in the suit but the use of suit during summer nights wasn’t that excellent idea for him. Seeing his brother’s face and listening to his usual complains about clothes just made JaeJoong laugh more. Since this is one of the traits of Jonghyun JaeJoong can never forget about, as he poked at Jonghyun left arm.

“Haha... Jonghyun, do even remember when and where we got married in first place right?” JaeJoong grinned at his brother stupid comment more and moved towards the bed and started packing his belongings as he was putting away a bottle of milk in the bag and said, “Anyway it’s not like our family is made of riches Jonghyun, but the family you just got married is someone whose standard are more higher than any normal people would have. And no one will expect their son-in-law to wear a summer out wear in middle of the wedding bouquet right?”

“But still hyung, you know” Jonghyun pouted more in annoyance and wondered how his life is going to be like after today. After looking at Jonghyun’s reaction, JaeJoong immediately said “Jonghyun ah” and “Don’t dare do that again, you are damaging my hard work of mine in your face” as JaeJoong glared calmly. The awareness of makeup on his face only lead Jonghyun to make disgusting face, as he immediately leaned more forward to check on the makeup he had on.

And surely, he found his skin covered with light line of makeup and fine line of eyeliner around his eye lids but since it was light makeup, or might say too light he might let go this time.“But Hyung how did you even managed to put this thing on me, without me knowing?” Jonghyun wondered on how his brother worked on his face without him knowing to which JaeJoong only smirked and said, “You do know that I don’t share secrets brother”

Before he would even utter another word from mouth, there was a knock on the door. “Who is it?” asked JaeJoong, as he reached for the door himself and opened the door to find his step mother standing outside the door wearing a red dress that was long as it touched the ground with her purse in her hand while her arms were covers with a black shawl.

“Me?” replied Mrs Kim and smiled at JaeJoong, as she entered the room while JaeJoong moved a little in order to provide more space for his step mother to enter the room. “Mother” JaeJoong said and smiled at his step mother then turned towards Jonghyun who was looking at his mother now.

“Umma” Jonghyun called and smiled at Mrs Kim.

“Oh my, my baby Jonhyunnnie has grown into such a beautiful man” said Mrs Kim, while she went across the room and stood in front of Jonghyun caressing her son’s arm and smiled more. And said, “JaeJoong ah thank you so much for making him look so good today; otherwise I wonder how he would have looked like” Mrs Kim teased his son, while patting Jonghyun’s back.

“Umma...” Jonghyun whined at his mother’s teasing, but was once again interrupted by his mother as she turned to JaeJoong, “Ah…JaeJoong before I forget, Yunho was looking for you, he said something about not able to find Minnie’s milk bottle or something”, Mrs Kim said, as she scratched her head in remembrances.

“Oh, it’s ok Mother, I have the baby’s bottle, I will be leaving first then” JaeJoong said to Mrs Kim and turned to Jonghyun and said, “Jonghyun don’t run that makeup ok and by the way if you have nothing else to do, then you should start packing up your left over things otherwise I am pretty sure you are going to forget about until the last minute” as he bowed towards Mrs Kim while grabbing backpack, his mobile phone and a baby’s bottle and left the room as he closed the door after him.

While JaeJoong was leaving the room, Mrs Kim looked at the retreating back of her step son that will never call her Umma no matter what even though, JaeJoong was 9 years old when Mrs Kim married to his father and the love she gave to JaeJoong was equal as she gave to her own child and nephew but there are always a wall no matter what she tried doing. And now even after so many there was still a firm block of ice between them even though it’s not that obvious but it is there as this sadden Mrs Kim a little.

After looking at the sadden mood of his Umma, Jonghyun placed his hand in his Umma’s shoulder and squashed a little. “Umma” Jonghyun called and tried to smile. Even though, there wasn’t any barrier between him and his hyung maybe since they have the same father or because he was a talkative type from the childhood but seeing his Umma can get this much hurt just because of JaeJoong hyung’s unintended action made his heart hurt. Since he wouldn’t do anything for his mother or for JaeJoong hyung to accept her as his mother.

“Oh, what was I thinking” Mrs Kim tried to sound cheerful although there was still little pain visible since her voice was little lower than normal as she turned towards Jonghyun and tried to give him a smile and said, “ah... Jonghyun don’t you think we are going to be a little late for the bouquet” as she tried to smile a little more.

But Jonghyun would still see traces of his Umma’s sadness through her eyes which Jonghyun more than anything in this world. As he said, “Umma, don’t worry everything is going to be alright okay,” as he tried to reassure his mother and hugged Mrs Kim in hope that there will be a day when his JaeJoong hyung will call her Umma, Umma instead of Mother and erase the notion that are between his mother and his step brother.
3 hour ago

As Jonghyun entered the wedding bouquet hall, his eye went wide as he looked at the how beautifully the whole hall was decorated with white flowers, and soft of lights that brighten up the whole area and curtains made out of silk. Whilst it fabricated the hall as if going to a new dimension that Jonghyun never knew of. The whole arena was also filled with many tables and chairs in order for people to sit down and enjoy the joy the start of their new life. Whilst there was also a dance floor within the hall, in which there were many couples dancing along with partners.

For the ceremony, not many people were invited by only few that were well close with both of the families and friends. Whilst The ceremony started with a short speech from Jonghyun’s father-in-law about how happy he was to be able to attend his son’s wedding party despite everything that has happened so far and he also thanked Mr and Mrs Kim and Jonghyun for agreeing for the marriage and ended with his mother in law telling off his father in law to stop talking so much and let people start the party which created a hand full of laughter from everyone.

As the party started, Jonghyun was feeling lonelier by every second why? Because his now husband, has decided on not feeling well for the party and might be a little late if not at all. And Jonghyun wondered the point of having a wedding bouquet.

His parents and Lee parents have also gone into another room so that youngsters can have fun by themselves. But this wasn’t something you accept in a wedding bouquet right, your partner missing somewhere, your parents and in laws went somewhere, while you alone is with all the group of people who have their own partners accept for the groom himself.

Wedding Bouquet humph... ‘ Jonghyun said to himself and grabbed a cocktail drink from the waiter and looked at the dance floor where his brother and his husband was dance along side with his friends and other people he never knew (which he assumed as married couple) dancing with the melody that flew within the room as if it was their wedding bouquet.

Looking at all the couples in the dance floor wasn’t helping Jonghyun at all; since this his night right but seems like it has now turned into a normal party as Jonghyun laughed by himself as if he was stood up by his first date. I am?

As he drank took slip of his cocktail, in frustration and embarrassment on his wedding. As he thought I wonder 'the first person that was dumped right after the wedding should be me right.'  Jonghyun concluded as he took another slip of alcohol.

“May I have this dance with you?”

Hearing a familiar voice of his husband Jonghyun raised his head and looked at his left hoping he would see someone he has been anticipating so much but instead he saw someone he wasn’t familiar with. Then he looked at his right but there was no one there. ‘Seems like I am starting to hear things now’ Jonghyun told himself and went back to drinking.

“Seems like you already too drunk to even hear me Jonghyun?” said the voice.

After hearing his name, Jonghyun looked at the person who just called his name, and asked, “Did you just call me Mr?” as he looked the slender man. Jonghyun would say that the person has a beautiful eye, with a straight nose with beautiful lips. ‘Man this person is pretty good looking’

“If I say yes, then would you like to have a dance with me?” the man asked again, but this time the unknown man offered his hand. Jonghyun looked at the man’s hand and wondered should he take this opportunity and just dance away his frustration with his husband. But Jonghyun wouldn’t do that, at least not anymore.

“I am sorry but I would rather stay here and wait for my husband” Jonghyun said and turned towards his glass of cocktail and took another slip from it. But seems like the man have other plans, as he sat right next to Jonghyun’s chair and took a drink from waiter and started talking.

“If you say so then, why don’t we chat some then huh?” the unknown man said and smirked at Jonghyun and winked at him. Despite seeing the flirtation ways of the unknown man, Jonghyun just ignored him since he just thought that he was one of the guests that were from his husband’s side.

“By the way, my name is Minho, Choi Minho” the man said and “you are Kim Jonghyun right oh no sorry you are now Lee Jonghyun right” as Minho sneered at Jonghyun to which Jonghyun just ignored him.

Jonghyun didn’t knew why but the man that was sitting next to him sounded so familiar to his ears as if he have heard his voice somewhere but Jonghyun can’t figure out where exactly leaving him  feel more annoyed.

“Seems like you are not much of a talker than hmm?” Minho started, as he looked at Jonghyun more deeply as if he would dig out something out of Jonghyun but wouldn’t. “Then, is there a problem with you Mister?” Jonghyun annoyed with the tone of voice Minho was using with him, almost flirtatious and Jonghyun wondered how to get rid of him and wished so much that his nephew was somewhere near right now.

Hearing Jonghyun, bitter reply, Minho just gave Jonghyun another sneaky smirk and said, “Oh our Jonhyunnnie is angry now huh?” which just fuelled up Jonghyun up. As Jonghyun was ready to get up and walk away from the stranger called Minho, he said, “Jonghyun you do know in where you are putting yourself into right, and if you are ever need help just come to me. I will help you with anything. T…”

But before the stranger Minho would talk further Jonghyun run into another corner of the room that was nearer to the balcony and looked at the outside view of stunning skyscrapers and wondered whether should he just run away from here and never come back from his stupid husband who left him alone.

“Stupid, idiot Jinki” Jonghyun muttered silently as he kicked the glass window a little to release his irritation.

But right before he would more damage to the glass wall, the door was suddenly opened as there stood Lee Jinki dressed in the black suit but with a tie around him neck. He carried a bouquet of Calla Lilly. And walked towards Jonghyun, as he smiled at him. Jonghyun didn’t know whether it was JinKi’s smile or the beautiful flower that was cuddled in his arm Calla Lilly made Jonghyun smile back at his husband as he approached him despite all his cursing of beforehand.

“Sorry, I am late Jonghyun ah” said Jinki and gave an apologetic smile to Jonghyun and bowed down a little to Jonghyun as he gave Jonghyun the bouquet of Calla Lilly and asked, “With this flower can I have a dance with you?”

Jonghyun blushed at the request from Jinki but nodded furiously and accepted the offered hand from Jinki including flowers. As just like other pairs in the dance floor Jinki and Jonghyun started a slow dance.

2 hours ago

After spending two hour with Jinki, Jonghyun found out that Jinki was an innocent and clumsy man who didn’t knew how to dance in the dance floor but with the help of Jonghyun they managed to stay at least for half an hour still when the entire elder also arrived from their personal meetings.

Jonghyun not only danced with Jinki but also with his own mother as well father and his now father-in- law who seems to be a interesting man in Jonghyun’s view of point who kept very interest in the music and art. As he also seemed to be a kind hearted man but he wouldn’t say the same thing with mother-in-law who seems to be more reserved person who doesn’t like to show much emotion upfront.

But Jonghyun would still see love between his mother in law and Jinki since he would see when Jinki fell on the unblocked hall way and how she cared more for her son more anything.

And just like that Jonghyun’s wedding party came to an end.

1 hour ago

“Jonghyun ah, I need to say something to you baby” Mrs Kim said in serious tone, before she would let his son to let go from her. After hearing Umma’s serious the smile that Jonghyun had in his lips was gone and listened to his mother attentively.

“Jonghyun before you would conclude anything, we did this all for you okay baby so that you don’t have to suffer anymore in life” said Mrs Kim, her voice trembling a little, as Jonghyun would see how her eyes have moisten within the some minutes.

“What is it Umma? Tell me?” Jonghyun said afraid something terrible would come out from his Umma’s mouth that will change his life from now on. But Mrs Kim wouldn’t continue as she broke down into sobs even though she did hide in by covering her mouth with the shawl.
All this while, Mr Kim stood near the window and looked down the scenery it showed. Even though, it would look like Mr Kim was trying to give a hard face, Jonghyun knew better that his father was keeping something away from him.

“Appa please tell me what is going wrong here?” Jonghyun asked desperately as he wouldn’t take in anymore towards his both parents.
“Jonghyun, I’m sorry but Jinki.. your husband Jinki is…”


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