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14 April 2011 @ 02:09 pm
Untitled/ I thought Chapter 3 Part II  
Title :  Untitled / I thought
Author: xinwo 
Pairing: Leehom Wang/Yi Fei, JinKi/Jonghyun [Main], JinKi/Kibum [Main], Minho/Taemin, Yoon Ho/ Je Jung
Fandom: Leehom Wang, Shinee, Hit5, DBSK
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, Character Death, Slice of Life
Rating: PG-15
Length: Chaptered
Summary: After the recovering from the accident 2 years ago, Jonghyun age 26 finds himself married to a man, he doesn’t recognise as the man he agreed to marry 2 years ago. What happens then when you find out the reason behind the man’s condition is partly his fault? Will he be able to stick to the man and help towards the recovery or run away as he did 2 years ago?
Synopsis :
Notes: Things written in blue are spoken in Chinese.

Days have passed till Jonghyun have known about JinKi’s condition. Even after several days the way Jonghyun is treating Jinki is wrong, he knows this himself that trying to ignore Jinki 24/ 7 within the house is not possible either.

But the moment he sees Jinki, there is a bursting emotions plays with Jonghyun he doesn’t have any control on or doesn’t know how to control although he is well aware that sooner or later he is surely be asked if he is happy with this marriage.

But no matter who may be Jonghyun knows that no one is truly going to be happy with this type of life he is living right now.

Jonghyun was certain that whatever is happening is all because of the things he did in the past and he knows that god is punishing for all the bad deeds he did on his friends mostly from the last accident 2 years ago.

Jonghyun sighed, looking outside at the settling sun that was drowsing in the horizon. As the sky slowly turned darker by every minutes and hour.

It was time for JinKi to come back.
Yifei sitting at the end table of the dining table, cutting some tofu in smaller pieces in order to cook it for everyone’s dinner. As she was also talking with one of the maids that was helping her to cut other vegetables that would be mixed with tofu.

“Mei, can you please see if the chicken is cooked or not?” Yifei asked one of the maid, who headed towards the kitchen area, as she was starting to talk with Mu Cheung, that’s when Jonghyun entered the dining area wearing casual clothes.

Jonghyun smiled at Yifei and Mu Cheung whom he has come to know as part of the family. He found out that Yifei, his-mother-in-law used to be a music teacher in university of Seoul before the accident and Mu Cheung as JinKi’s big sister figure even though they are not related by blood but she was still a family.

“Mother-in-law, do you need any help here?” Jonghyun asked as he approached the table and sat in the right of Yifei which was empty.
Yifei smiled at Jonghyun and said, “We don’t exactly need any help but if you would like to peel some garlic for” as she gave him whole bulb garlic that was already separated in front of Jonghyun.

‘Garlic? May be this won’t be that painful’ Jonghyun thought. As he was took some garlic in right hand, he blended his left wrist a little as he left fingers tried to hold on the tip of the garlic head. But before he would do something, a numbing pain started to take over his hands, as he is was tried to pull but failed.

“Jonghyun can you pull those quickly since I am going to add those in the Chicken, JinKi really likes it” said Yifei as she left the room along with the tofu she was cutting.

Seeing Jonghyun who has completely failed to take off the cover, Mu Cheung just smiled and went to Jonghyun. As she pulled the clove of garlic from his hand and said, “I will show you easier way” and smiled at Jonghyun.

“You just have to cut away the wooden bits of the garlic clove” she pulled the small knife from the table and placed the garlic in the chopping board and said, “ that was attached to the bulb and you just have to discard the skins now” Mu Cheung smiled, as she passed the knife and the chopping to Jonghyun. 

Throughout the way when Mu Cheung showed him how to peel the skin more easily, Jonghyun would feel the pain which was there a minute ago, was slowly fading.

“Thanks, Sister Mu Cheung” Jonghyun said and smiled with delight for showing how to do it without causing much pain for him, as he tried the method himself. 

“Say thanks to JinKi for that he taught me how to do it” Mu Cheung said as she left a shocked Jonghyun by himself.

It was 8:00 pm, the sky was already dark and streets were almost empty with everyone going home after the long day of work to rest in the embrace of their own family. But to Jonghyun, the family he is living is suffocating him maybe not as whole but at least little. 

He sighed. He has noticed it’s been 1 week already that he has been sighing continuously. It might be because he just had to get along with this new people but he didn’t think it was the reason. He knew himself better than himself that meeting new people was a piece of cake for Jonghyun.

But the relation Jonghyun was tangled right now was something he didn’t have clue on. He didn’t know how to handle it. And who would know how to handle a child with man’s body.

Even though Jonghyun has been constantly ignoring Jinki and he is also sure that everyone in the family now aware about Jonghyun’s behaviour towards but no one has dared to talk to him about it or maybe they are just turning blind for his sake he didn’t know. 
Nevertheless, he didn’t like it as well.

Knock knock

Jonghyun was jolted back from his thoughts as he soon recovered from the shock and said. 

“Come in”

The door opened with a click, as Yifei entered the room, smiling at Jonghyun softly. Seeing his mother-in-law smile, Jonghyun smiled back as he was getting up from his bed, but Yifei raised her hand in indication for Jonghyun to stay. 

As Yifei entered the room and settled herself in front of Jonghyun. 

“Jonghyun I don’t know if this is too soon or not but I want to give you something.” Yifei said.
That’s when Jonghyun noticed that Yifei was carrying a velvet box that was rectangle in shape and a thick book as she looked at Jonghyun eyes with a sad smile in her face as if understanding Jonghyun’s feelings but he didn’t say anything.

Yifei looked the blue velvet box in her hand and patted the top cover of the box and said. 

“Jonghyun you know what this is?” 

Jonghyun shakes his head saying no as an answer.

Yifei smiled, and added, “Jonghyun this was the first gift JinKi bought for some” 

Jonghyun just stared at Yifei not understanding what exactly was she trying to say and ‘first gift for some? What does it mean?’ many questions were running through his head. Seeing the confused Jonghyun, Yifei shakes her head and smiles at how easily Jonghyun can get confused over things.

“Didn’t you know that JinKi was not like that before, he wasn’t the baby Onew” Yifei said, “He was just a normal boy, just like you who didn’t liked the life of riches, he was always happy with what he had, he got before but..” Yifei voice shaked a little, as Jonghyun would see how much Yifei his mother in law was affect after Jinki’s condition.
It’s just that she didn’t showed it and Jonghyun understood how strong of the woman she was. 

“Jonghyun” she said, as she bought her hand in Jonghyun’s face and caressed a little and added, “I am give you the most precious thing of JinKi, even though he might not realise it now and maybe he might never as well but I want you to keep this because I am sure Jinki will still want you to keep this safe for his sake” 

Yifei passed both the velvet box and the book to Jonghyun’s lap and said, “Although, I carried this two for 2 years, for JinKi till now but Jonghyun ah from now own whatever that relates to JinKi all belongs to you now” Yifei smiled as she stared at Jonghyun’s eyes
Jonghyun would feel Yifei’s his mother in law’s feelings for his husband even though Jonghyun himself didn’t want to admit but Jonghyun knew in eyes of other people they were still in a knot that wasn’t easily broken. 

“Ah, it’s already time for JinKi to sleep now, I have to go now okay” Yifei said, as she watched at her wrist watch striking at 10.00pm as she also got off the bed. 

“Okay, you can keep those JinKi, I will go now okay good night Jonghyun” said Yifei. “Good night” Jonghyun said with a smile, as his mother in law went passed the doors of Jonghyun’s room. 
After Yifei have gone back to her room, Jonghyun have wondered what was he suppose to do with the velvet box and the thick book t that was given to him. He knew what Yifei meant but Jonghyun doubted that he would be able to stay there for more than a year no matter what; Jonghyun knew he wouldn’t be able to spend his whole life someone like Jinki. He had his own pride, his own life. 

It’s not like he hated JinKi but that doesn’t mean you would be ready to spend the whole life with someone like JinKi. Moreover, to be given the responsibility to something related to that person and Jonghyun didn’t knew what to do with it, keep it safe or return to the previous holder. 
Jonghyun sighed, while looking at the Jinki, who was a huddled with a large white cover, his hair sticking out from one corner as his face was buried in his pillow, as if he was scared of something. 

Jonghyun sighed again and he walked out of the room. 
The weather was of moderate temperature, with swift breeze of air tickling Jonghyun’s neck, as he was sitting outside the small swing that was made up of metal with soft cushions surrounding every edge of the swing. 

Yifei’s words echoed in Jonghyun’s ears “I am give you the most precious thing of JinKi, even though he might not realise it now and maybe he might never as well but I want you to keep this because I am sure Jinki will still want you to keep this safe for his sake” 

Jonghyun sighed. 

He didn’t know if he would do and most importantly when doesn’t even have any intention of getting or staying there for long period of time. But after Yifei’s confrontation Jonghyun doesn’t know if he can live up to their expectation. And even if he live in lie, lie of living a life he doesn’t want, but will he be able to lie to his own heart that he is alright. 

Jonghyun didn’t know, he didn’t have any answer to his questions. He didn’t want to think about it as well. He is just tired now, just too tired of everything that has been happening within this 2 years of his life and now this.

“Ahem Ahem” 

Jonghyun jerked his head up, as he looked at the intruder. But it was his father-in-law Leehom Wang who seemed have changed into white night suit. 

“What are you doing here at time like this” said Leehom Wang as he looked at his own watch which told, “1:00 clock, do you even know what time it is Jonghyun.” 

Jonghyun shooked his head and said, “I wouldn’t sleep today that’s why I just came here without any watch or something with”, and he tried to put on the facade smile on his face but it seemed he failed miserably. 

Leehom Wang looked at Jonghyun’s eyes for a while and turned his head towards the front of the swing where there was nothing but darkness all over. 

“Jonghyun is it about Jinki?” Leehom Wang said, his face still stern, looking straight towards the darkness. Jonghyun didn’t know if he should reply it or not. He knew it wasn’t his father-in-law fault but..

His thoughts were cut short with “I am sorry Jonghyun” Jonghyun was shocked by the sudden confession of forgiveness. He didn’t know what to say, he didn’t understand anything.

“This is all because of my selfish reasons; you are suffering right now if only my father wasn’t that against me marrying JinKi’s mother then maybe you might have also been spared from all this things you are currently suffering right now.” Leehom Wang said, as he faced Jonghyun’s one more time and gave a sad smile. 

“What do you mean by that father-in-law?” Jonghyun asked still not understanding what Leehom Wang was trying to say.
Leehom Wang sighed as he leaned backwards a little at the swing and spoke, “You know Jonghyun my mother, my grandmother all of the one way or another were the typhoon daughters but one another thing that was common within them were that all of them were Chinese”
Jonghyun just listened to Leehom Wang’s story.

“The the sole reason there was the marriage between them were not because of love but instead in order to tie knot with the Chinese market that has been raising from many years”

“Moreover, the reason my father that is JinKi’s grandpa married to my mother was just for the same reasons as well but my mother was different she loved my father even before he knew about her even though he didn’t love her my descend mother despite that mother never cried a inch because she knew I would be sad” 

“When I small, she taught me that love comes with not only happiness but also sadness that we might not be excepting it to be there but when I grew my father tried to force me into similar marriage but.."

“I was 18 back then, when I and Yifei meet, after going out for 5 years we decided to get married but my father didn’t agree to it because he thought that from now own he wouldn’t want anyone from Chinese add to that he was still angry because I refused to take up his name that’s when we made a agreement when my own son is born, he is to be named after the Korean family and marry anyone who is Korean. Sounds ridiculous right?” Leehom Wang laughed a little as Jonghyun did the same. 

“And here you are suffering from something I refused to do 30 years ago” Leehom Wang said and with the quick change into stern face and added, “that’s why I think I own you an apologize son”

Jonghyun didn’t know how to face this things although coming from a family who doesn’t have that didn’t give that much attention to family tradition and hearing something like that was something new to him but he said.

“To be honest father-in-law I don’t that has something to with the relation I have with Jinki, although I do understand the situation you are in I think you shouldn’t feel like that since no matter what as what your mother said love comes with not only happiness but also sadness that we might not be excepting it to be there right?” Jonghyun asked as he looked at the stern face of his father-in-law and gave a smile of encouragement. 

Leehom Wang also smiled at his son-in-law and said, “How can I be so lucky to get such a good son-in-law huh?” he teased as he put his hand on Jonghyun’s shoulder while standing up from the swing.

Whilst Jonghyun also smiled back, looking at the smiley face of his father-in-law. At least he was able to make someone happy. As they still walked till the entrance of the house in shoulder to shoulder and talked about how there day were and what they did as if they were father and son instead of father-in-law and son-in-law but while they departed Leehom Wang asked something that threw Jonghyun off guard.
“Do you regret being with Jinki Jonghyun?” Leehom Wang asked with stern voice since he was not facing Jonghyun and disappeared
 towards to his room. 

But question wasn’t left unanswered. 

“No, father-in-law”

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