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23 April 2011 @ 12:19 am
Hello everyone, if there is any. 

Anyhow, I would like you guys to know that I will be in hiatus from 24th of April to 21 of June which basically means that I won't be able to update my fic i.e. The Untitled /I thought even though I want to because I am college students and its that period of time when I have all the coursework needs to be and exams time when I have to start cramping to get into the University of my choice. I know that I haven't being updating it in time as well which is mostly due to my college work which have been piling up slowly along with the revision including my part-time job which isn't helping much as well. 

Although, I will try to squeeze my time here and there may write a chapter once in a while which is probably going to take lots of time and might update as well. XD. Thank you for all your support till now guys I hope you guys will look forward to my fic. XD 
Btw I am including as far I have written till now. Enjoy!
The word No is so easy to say than to be done. But what would Jonghyun do, he wouldn’t want to break any ones heart any more, since he has broken too much to even count anymore, which one day he knows will catch up on him, sending him to the hell hole where he is going to suffer from all things he have done in the past.

But for now, Jonghyun didn’t care but just wanted to start a new even if it means his whole life will be spend taking care of his supposed husband, but Jonghyun was okay with that. It doesn’t mean he didn’t have regret, he didn’t had his own wishes, he did but he knows that it’s easier to accept his fate than to challenge it, which is something learned.


The birds were chirping outside the large window of JinKi’s room, as the first ray of sun entered the room brightening the room a lot more by the passage of time. As the light fell into JinKi’s face, he groaned in annoyance and tried to cover his face with the bed cover so that he can sleep more.

“Umma close down curtain please” said JinKi his voice sounding dry as he buried his face in his pillow.  But failed miserably since someone was pulling his bed covers, which in reflect JinKi pulled back from the intruder hoping he would be able to get it back.

“Onew ah, wake up, otherwise you will be late to go with Appa” said the voice.

Jinki was surprised by the new voice, ‘when did Umma’s voice become that rough, Umma’s voice is sweet isn’t it?’ he asked himself mentally as he tried to go back to sleep again.

“Ji- Onew Can you please wake up, I need to go downstairs to help out others for make breakfast” said voice again and sighed.  ‘But where is Mu Cheung, does her throat hurts that’s why it sounds like Hyung’s voice’, Onew thought, since the intruder didn’t get any response from the Onew, the intruder thought about threatening.

‘Oh, if it’s hyung if I ignore him, he will go away’ said Jinki mentally and smiled, ‘it’s so easy to get rid of his Guang Xi hyung. Hehe’, “If you won’t get up now, then I will eat your Chicken in today’s dinner then” said the voice, his voice more stern than before.

In the mention of Chicken in dinner, finally got Onew’s attention as he quickly got up and shouted, “But Guang Xi hyung...” but words wouldn’t come out of Jinki as he looked at the intruder with gawked eyes with shock since the intruder wasn’t his Guang Xi hyung instead it was Jonghyun  the one who just now woke him up. His roommate and Umma said is also said Onew’s special friend whom Onew should be friend with no matter what was talking to him.

Onew smiled.

“Jonghyun ah?” Onew said, dumb founded by what to say. Onew has never been woken up by Jonghyun was most likely that Jonghyun was kind of angry at him since he wasn’t a good kid that’s why Jonghyun said he didn’t wanted to his friend anymore. But it Jonghyun was waking him up, Onew was confused but happy. XD

“Onew wake up now, and get ready I will be downstairs okay” Jonghyun said, as he tried his best not to get work upped by the silly smile that  was still lingering in Onew’s lips and the stare he was given which he was clearly aware about.  

“Jonghyun ah?” Onew called again but he still had no words to talk more about instead he just  looked at Jonghyun’s eyes as if he was shown something really eye catchy as well as might as well tasty but that would be wrong right? ;p

“What?” Jonghyun answered looking straight to JinKi’s eye, with the presence of annoyance in his tone of voice. Although, he was ready to try being JinKi’s ‘special friend’ but that doesn’t mean he is 100% happy with the situation right now.

“Thank you, Jonghyun” Onew said with a sweet smile, his eyes disappearing somewhere in his face as he quickly got up from his messy and ran towards their shared en-suite bathroom locked it from the inside.

Jonghyun was totally taken back the response he got from Onew. After living in the same roof for few weeks Jonghyun knew that Jinki was a good person [kid], but it didn’t except a thank you from Onew after how he has been treating him. ‘But you can’t accept a person with children mind to hold grudges on people, do they?’ Jonghyun thought as he looked around the messy bed to the room in closet and the exit door.

‘What should I do now?’ he thought, as he placed his hand in his waist and gave a quick thought about what to do next.

‘Closet or door, hmm?’

“Closet, is it?” He said, as he approached the closet to look for something, more precisely for something for someone.

Sorry for taking your space ;p