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21 March 2012 @ 12:40 am
From me, to you (Liam/Niall) (Triple-shot)  

Title  : From me, to you
Author: xinwa
Rating: PG
Fandom : Liam/Niall ( Niam)
Genre: Character Death, Romance, Drama
Lenght: Triple-shot
Status : Incomplete
In the remembrances of Liam James Payne, who was once a son, a husband & a father
29 August 1993- 12-September 2019

In the remembrances of Liam James Payne

who was once a son, a husband & a father

29 August 1993- 12-September 2019

Liam Payne? Who is he? Why is everyone crying and wearing these black clothes? Do you know him? Niall questioned himself as he stared meaninglessly at the tombstone of Liam Payne. His eyes still dry without any sight of tear in his eyes. He just stared aimlessly.

He would feel the heaviness feel in his chest but he wouldn’t understand the meaning behind it, why he felt like that? Wait, did he even knew this man in the first place, why is he here? He didn’t know.

That’s when Niall felt Harry’s arm around his shoulder, his eyes slightly swollen and his lips little bruised.  Nevertheless, Niall just stared at his friend’s face and didn’t say anything.

Niall would see Harry moving his lips telling him something important as he tried to be strong, trying not to cry in front of him but Niall wouldn’t hear a thing Harry was talking about. 

Then it was Louis that came next to you and Harry & pulled Harry into a hug while he stared at Niall. Pitifully? Sympathy? Or was it Empathy that Louis was showing to you yet, Niall didn’t understood why Harry was crying? Why Louis, was staring at him?

Nothing at all.

Because for Niall it has became all too quite.


It was 7 clocks in the morning when you woke up and stared at the while ceiling of your room. You would hear the tickling of the second hand of the clock, letting you know every minute was passing slowly.

Yet Niall didn’t wanted to get out of the bed just yet since it was rainy outside and Niall didn’t wanted to leave the warmness of his bed right now.

Nonetheless, that didn’t agree with his stomach, as it grumbled in hungry. He remember not eating anything last night since he was feeling tired of seeing people cry which he wouldn’t understand anything about.

Slowly, Niall walked into the kitchen of the flat and looked at the fridge to see if there was any food. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t find anything that he liked, excepted for raw vegetables.

And he didn’t want to cook anything. 

That’s when he reached for the cupboard to look for the dry foods to find some cereals or biscuits where he found his favorite coco pop cereal.

Niall pulled the cereal box out, that’s when a white paper dropped to the floor.  He looked at the paper curiously wondering whose did the paper belong to.

He quickly placed the cereal box in the tabletop and reached for the paper and unfolded it & started reading it.


To, you

Hello, Niall Horan Payne,

I know when you are home alone; you don’t eat a proper food & always end of eating some kind of cereal all the time. And yeah, I STOCKED up this just for YOU LOVE $_$

So yeah, this is a game of treasure hunt baby. I learned from my dad when we were small we would do this a lot especially when dad wanted us to give a present or something.

But now it your turn Nialler. Xp Since I wanted to give you something, you will need to read & follow all the instruction, which will give you another clue to my present from me to you.

Love my baby,



(Liam Payne)

Author NOTE:

Should I continue it?