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18 February 2011 @ 03:26 am
UNTITLED Chapter 1  
 Title: Untitled
Author: xinwo
Pairing: Leehom Wang/Yi Fei, JinKi/Jonghyun [Main], JinKi/Kibum [Main], Minho/Taemin, Yoon Ho/ Je Jung
Fandom: Leehom Wang, Shinee, Hit5, DBSK
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, Character Death, Slice of Life
Rating: PG-15
Length: 1/?
Warning: Boy/boy , M-preg, Character death
Summary: After the recovering from the accident 2 years ago, Jonghyun age 26 finds himself married to a man, he doesn’t recognise as the man he agreed to marry 2 years ago. What happens then when you find out the reason behind the man’s condition is partly his fault? Will he be able to stick to the man and help towards the recovery or run away as he did 2 years ago?
Synopsis: After a thousand years and successive generations the love is still deep
Who else is still waiting?- Jay Chou 
Notes: Appa Father= Man in the relationship
Dad Mother= Woman in the relationship


Marriage was something that Jonghyun never thought that he should be worried about well not in the age of 26 even though it was already the age for people to settle down or might say thinking of settling down for a while. But since he wasn’t interested in anyone he didn’t really cared about settling down issue. But it seems like his parents had another idea for him. Since he was now marrying someone ok not someone that is a man whom he found out was 4 year older than himself and male. Well at least knew his future partners gender and age; p 

But he having so little info about his so called partner aka husband wasn’t his fault at all or is it? Since Jonghyun himself was in middle of recovery of his left arm which has stopped himself from doing harder tasks such as lifting heavy things etc but the main concern for Jonghyun was that he wasn’t able to use the guitar as he used to. But whom to blame for the accident though, it was himself that caused him to get involved in the accident or was it someone he never knew. But since the damage is already done and he doesn’t blame anyone but himself as he lost his most precious thing in his life; music of his life and now he doesn’t care anymore for anything.

And the least thing that Jonghyun cared about right now was Marriage to Mr. Unknown. To which Jonghyun agreed to marry without even glancing at his future husband. 

But how he wished now he would have known who he was.

“Aish... Umma how am I suppose to wear this Chinese clothing?” complained Jonghyun, frustrated looking at the clothing that wasn’t his style. Well how can it be when it was freaking heavy as if you are carrying some sort of stones attached in your body and embodied with golden swans and flowers in the red dress which is one of the least colours he likes. 

“And aren’t I marrying a Korean person with the surname of Lee and why am I supposed to wear a Chinese dress instead of suit or hanbok something like that huh?” Jonghyun said, as he lifted the dress that he was wondering how he was going to walk carrying all day.

As if to spite Jonghyun, Mrs. Kim glared at his one and only son who was at least was trying to figure out how to wear the dress that was send by Jonghyun mother-in-law Wang Yifei. Wang Yifei was one of the friends Mrs Kim had  met when she herself was studying in University of Beijing and who would have thought their sons will be marring each other. And most importantly Mrs Kim still wouldn’t believe that his son is marrying such people with high standards.

It wasn’t as if they were less rich or something compared to Lee family, but the fact that their family have only been able to purse the riches only from her grandfathers generation which in compared to Lee co-operation was very small. And more importantly what surprised her was that despite having lots of flaws Lee family still agreed to marry Jonghyun with their son which she wouldn’t be grateful enough. But she knew something that Jonghyun didn’t and she didn’t quite understand how she was going to make Jonghyun understand about the situation that Wang Yifei had said earlier before the agreement of marriage to Jonghyun

“Jonghyun don’t worry you are going were that dress for what like 5 minute of ceremony and after that you can wear hanbok or maybe suit” Mrs Kim answered as she returned back to pack up remaining of the Jonghyun’s things such as perfumes and little stuffs which Jonghyun was just too scared to pack away in case he broke those bottles of expensive glasses that he loved so much. 

Hearing his mothers answer, Jonghyun just shrugged his body, as he then left the Chinese dress alone since he decided to wear those right in the end of preparation and no way he was walking in those for at least before the ceremony. 

Leaving the bed, Jonghyun moved to the large balcony of his room and looked out at the city lights that he has spend 16 years of his life looking over where he felt down, where he cried because his first girl friend asked for a break up, whenever his cousin left to go to America, where he came when lost his hope of dreams of childhood and now he is standing here for the last view that is also going to be taken away from me. He sighed. 

Hearing his son sighed loudly Mrs Kim, looked at his son who has just gone outside of the room to the balcony. Her face married with worries as Mrs Kim followed his son out. She saw Jonghyun leaning in the middle of the railing and looking down the street lights as well as people down the stairs in the front of the house who were preparing for the guests to come, and sighed once more.

“Why are you sighing so much Jonghyun ah?” asked Mrs Kim as she consciously moved next to his son, who looked a little depressed. She continued, “It’s your day baby, don’t be sad we don’t want your future in laws to run away looking at your depressed look you know”, as she half joked and hugged Jonghyun with one arm in the right side. 

After a piece of silence, Jonghyun replied, “it’s Mom … I know for myself I can come and go from this house whenever I want, but not having Kibum hyung is little depressing you know, since he has been there every time I am doing something and I don’t want to leave you guys alone as well .” He paused, “But not having hyung near here doesn’t feel right to me and especially not when it’s my night” Jonghyun smiled bitterly as a single line of tear fell from Jonghyun’s eyes.

Mrs Kim smiled how Jonghyun loved his older cousin so much. Even though, Kibum wasn’t her own son Mrs Kim had always loved Kibum equally as her own kid just as Jaejoong and Jonghyun, since Mrs Kim has loved the child ever since the birth and has practically raised him up after the event until Kibum moved away after becoming 6 years ago. Mrs Kim  never imagined in her whole life that the first thing that she was going to see was her brother’s broken family and siblings which everyone thought was as strong as any stone in the world. But even stones can be cracked but who knew it would be done so easily. Nevertheless Mrs Kim still had contact with Kibum and her brother as he also came to Jeju island for holidays and whenever Jonghyun wanted him to be around, but seems like he wouldn’t make it this time around due his university exams going on.

Mrs Kim sighed, as she pulled Jonghyun from the hand, made him to face her. As she traced at her son’s face which looked beautiful in the outside light and said, “Jonghyun ah”, she smiled, “Son today you are going to be married to someone that is going to be your life partner for not only this life time but till your another 2nd, 3rd and all the life you may have in the future,  you are not to cry in such good day of your life Jonghyun ah and specially not when you are missing your cousin, your future husband might get jealous you know” she joked. 

“Moreover, baby Kibum obviously going to come by next month or so, just let him finish his exams peacefully, since he has been dragging back and forth here to there too much for just 2 year.” Mrs Kim said, her hands still looking at Jonghyun’s eye. Who was also staring back his mother’s eye which Jonghyun knew was trying to stay strong just for his sake. 

After his mother’s little speech, Jonghyun hugged his mother tightly as he buried his face in his mother’s black straight hair, “Yes, mother but I don’t know why since I wasn’t even that interested in marrying in the first and now when everything is just falling into pieces it just scares me a lot you know, like as if I am going in a adventure that I have never been to” Jonghyun stated, to which his mother laughed at, patting her songs back.

“How can this adventure be so scary for a rebellion student of Seoul high school huh?” she laughed and hugged him back to which Jonghyun pouted. Even though Mrs Kim wouldn’t see it, she laughed and continued, “You know my baby boy, and marriage is something that is new and different for everyone, no matter who you are or what you have been no one is prepared for the new step of life. Even I was scared when I was marring your dad but see what was the result today, it is the present that I got from that past of my life. That’s how you are going to get yours Jonghyun. Even though, it might be tough, a little bumpy but as long as you are ready to do something you can go through it baby” She squashed Jonghyun a little and “and I am pretty sure that my Jonghyun will do a great job at becoming a son-in- law” while she smiled at looking far away in the distance. 


“You know you are practically glowing right now” said JaeJoong aka Kim Jonghyun’s step brother from his dad previous marriage whom he had practically spend all his childhood wondering how to make troubles for his brother. But Jonghyun always failed and he always wondered why?. It’s not as if he hates him, it’s just that whenever his step brother is around, all the attention Jonghyun wants in always taken away from his brother unconsciously. 

After listening to his step brother Jaejoong’s comment Jonghyun blushed more shade of red, who just laughed more heartily. ‘Yeah laugh, laugh as much you want hyung just because you didn’t needed to wear this heavy dress for yourself’ As Jonghyun pouted since he was literally turning the colour of dress he had to wear.

“JaeJoong ah, don’t do that to your brother since you can also literally glow yourself too” said Jung Yunho, who was no other than Kim/Jung JaeJoong one and only husband/partner or whatever you would like to call it, from the door way wearing a black suit, and carrying a 5 months old baby in his arm and said “if you look after Minnie for a while, since I have to help out in welcoming the guest outside since you guys are going to be staying here for a while” as he smiled.

Jung Yunho was someone Jonghyun always wondered how the hell he fell for his brother. It wasn’t like one was the jock of college and other was nerd, but it was actually pretty simple story, once upon a time there was boy name Yunho and another JaeJoong who went to a social gathering through their friends in which they met for first time, and practically become best friends and after only 3 month of being friends, they went out and now after3 year they already have a child.  Simple right? But actually it’s not as simple as it looks, having a total opposite characterises, personality, interest is not someone you would like to date or want to come in between of.

Hearing his husband’s word, JaeJoong got up from his sit and almost skipped the whole room to his husband and took their sleeping baby in his arm and kissed his husband on lips. To which Jonghyun really wanted to puke at but wouldn’t.

“Sure baby, btw did you change Minnie’s nappy or not” JaeJoong asked, as he carefully kissed the baby’s forehead and looked at his husband’s eyes. “Everything is done baby but you know since its going to be busy later on I didn’t wanted Min to be left alone that’s why I bought him to you” Yunho said, as he looked towards his brother-in-law and smiled, “and since we don’t want our Jonghyun’s husband to be left in the door way right” as he winked at Jonghyun to which Jonghyun reacted with pouting more. 

“Sure, sure tease me as much you like right now, just see when I will get my turn next time” said Jonghyun. JaeJoong laughed at his brother’s silliness and said, “Jonghyun if you have forget already me and Yunho are already married and it was you who did the teasing before, it’s just that this time, I have more number of gang than you ever had, baby bro.” as he teased his brother more.

Then he turned to his husband, “okay, then you get going ok and help Umma and appa with everything ok and if you need help just call me ok”, JaeJoong said to his husband and gave a peck in his husband’s lips, while Yunho left the room and closed the door after. 

Carrying a small bundle of joy in his arms, JaeJoong sat right next to his brother while Jonghyun peeked at his nephew’s face, which he really doubted that even matched with either of his parents. 

“Jonghyun” JaeJoong called for the Jonghyun’s attention, after making the eye contact Jonghyun saw a sad face that replaced the joy of laughter’s just a minute “Jonghyun ah” he called again, as JaeJoong reached Jonghyun’s left hand since with his other arm he was holding the baby and said, “Jonghyun, my little baby bro” he repeated himself as JaeJoong smiles bitterly looking at his brother and say, “Jonghyun you know after today no matter what the situation is you are going to be alone, even though we all may want to help and help you in some way but there comes a time of life when no one but only you can do everything in your own power” 

He paused, as JaeJoong looked at his joined hand with his brother, “and when that time comes me or Yun or Umma can’ do nothing for you Jonghyun ah since that will be the point where you have to make decisions for your own life.” 

At the same time JaeJoong looked at Jonghyun’s eyes with full of concern and love for his brother, “and when it happens I want you to look at this bracelet and think that whatever decision you will make, we all will support you no matter what” as Jaejoong removed his hand from his brother’s palm where he left a elephant tail gold, which looked almost like a good luck charm.

“But hyung, this was...” but Jonghyun was cut short by JaeJoong, “I know it is an very old elephant tail gold and yes this was given by my mother before he left me but now I think you need this more than I do right now and this will protect you from any bad things out there” JaeJoong said, as he placed his hand in Jonghyun’s jaws and smiled, “anyway anything for my little bro” as JaeJoong smiled more. 

Jonghyun didn’t knew what to say to his hyung right now since his brother was giving him something that was one of the last possession of his deceased mother and giving it to him just so his brother can have luck in something that Jonghyun is not even sure of made Jonghyun feel so thankful for having him as his brother, Which moisten his eyes a little. “But hyung what if...” Jonghyun started again, but cut short off by the opening of the door. 

“Hyung, guests are all in now, aunty said to call you guys downstairs” said one of the helpers during the ceremony. Before Jonghyun would find his voice, JaeJoong called the boy in and said, “Mei, can you please carry the baby for a while” as JaeJoong passed his child to Mei. While JaeJoong grabbed the red long handkerchief in order to cover Jonghyun’s face with it whilst the still shocked Jonghyun’s face was now fully covers as the elephant tail gold that he was holding was tied around his wrist by JaeJoong who kissed his baby brother in the forehead before he smiled and helped Jonghyun out of the room.


The hall was all covered with the all red decoration and flowers everywhere as people were all gathered around the stage that was designed just for the bride and the groom. As right next to the stage was a small arena for the instrument players, who were playing the combination of both Chinese and Korean instruments as all the people wore both mixture of Chinese dress and hanbok. 

Among all the man in the room, there was the man who stood right next to the small arena, eyes closed as he listened to the music of art that he enjoyed so much. By the look of it, he looked around 60 years old, with almost grey bushy hairs and wrinkle around the corner of his face who was wearing mixture of Chinese yet Korean Hanbok. 

As he was listening to the music, a beautiful old lady who was as same age as the man, came next to him as she took small and light steps in attempt to not to disturb the old man. She was wearing a heavily embodied Chinese dress, while her hair was styled in a traditional way with light make up and glasses she said. “Aren’t we going to start the party Leehom?” she asked delicately to her husband of 30 years as she smiled at her husband’s while she tapped her husband’s left arm. 

“Hmm...Sure but where is our JinKi Yifei” Leehom Wang asked, the chairman of Lee co-operation, as he turned around his wife who smiled at getting her husband’s attention from the music. “He is probably somewhere with Minho ah” Yifei said at the same time looking around the room in case she would point out where her son was. 

While Yifei was looking for Jinki is another direction, Leehom Wang have already spotted his son in the other side of room, obviously grinning like idiot particularly to no one or maybe kids who were running around the room playing games, to which Leehom Wang smiled back. As he pulled out his phone from his pocket and dialled his son’s which was immediately was answered, whilst he would see his son’s glowing face with happiness from receiving a call from his dad and answered.

“Yes appa” JinKi replied, as soon as he received his father’s call in his mobile, still looking at kids and red ribbons that were hanged around the room. “JinKi ah, can you look straight in your left please” his father requested to do, which JinKi obliged without further undo. 

As soon as JinKi looked at his left side, he saw his father and mother smiling at him, as JinKi waved towards his father and continued, “Is there anything you would like me to do appa?” JinKi asked sounding really confident. Hearing his son’s voice Leehom said, “Nothing like that JinKi, it’s just that can you come towards ma and appa since now we are going to start your ceremony okay?” unsure about what type of reply he might get. “Sure appa, but you have to keep your promise okay and tell that to ma as well” said JinKi who grinned like a child towards in parents as he worked towards his parents trying not to fall or trip on something around the room. 


JinKi was standing in the stage of the hall, along with his parents and Minho, as the other side of the stage was Jonghyun and his parents. Even though, Jonghyun wouldn’t see JinKi’s face due to the handkerchief covering his face, but under those handkerchief Jonghyun anxiety was killing him since he was keen to know what type of husband he was going to get married to. He knew that much that the other guy was not fat which was one of the most frightening thought Jonghyun got, and hearing from the man’s voice Jonghyun would state that he might not be a bad looking either. But who knew what was in the other side of the cover since he was only one almost blind in this whole room due to the handkerchief his mother-in-law have decided to be worn during the ceremony.

The ceremony started with the one of the biggest lama invited by the Lee family for the marriage, whom Jonghyun wouldn’t understand what it was trying to say since he was pretty sure that all the things they said were in Mandarin which was one of the least things he forced himself to learn. But that doesn’t seems to be the problem with his future husband or would say already husband who was not talking back and forth about what to do during the ceremony including his brother JaeJoong and there was another voice as well which Jonghyun didn’t recognise who seems to have understand as well. 

After reading all the necessary rituals, the lama as we call it, has seem to said to put rings to each other, which was translated by JaeJoong for Jonghyun who just followed one after another. As the rings were exchanged between them Jonghyun was now given one end of loop made up of silk fabric which believe to be kept worn around the hands, at the same time sharing the other end with his now husband. The long loop said to be acted as an red thread that was tied between the married couples as if the sign of knot between the two people and families not only physically but also spiritually for coming births they may take. Gradually the ceremony from Lee side seems to been ended safely , but unfortunately there still seemed to be another ceremony in which the husband was to take off the handkerchief from Jonghyun’s face in front of lots of people. 

And Jonghyun seriously thought that the lama was going insane by minute with this weird rituals since the handkerchief can only be removed them with the help of the mini sword which made Jonghyun really nervous who wouldn’t? When that little sword can run his face if that person now his husband is not careful enough with it and sharp things hurts. But who was he to go against the tradition, as his now called husband slowly removed the handkerchief out of his face. 

The first sight that greeted Jonghyun was with the sight of an angelic face which resembles part of the Chinese family line with cheeking eyes and little bit touches of Korean blood in it. Jonghyun wouldn’t describe how he felt when he saw his now husband’s smiling face, instead of wrenching his face, Jonghyun was smiling back unconsciously to his husband.



Tell me if I should continue or not? 
Comments are loved 

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danialaura: jinkidanialaura on March 4th, 2011 02:20 pm (UTC)
oww...you know, the first time I look at your summary & casting, I got hooked with your story
it seems really interesting...there are many problem that need to be unlocked...

yep, you need to continue this. please please please~~~
ontaejongminkey on March 5th, 2011 03:16 am (UTC)
Please continue :) Thank you very much XD
Cut WonderBoyparkhongji on March 6th, 2011 10:47 am (UTC)
OMG~~~ I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your plot is so great and your writing is good too. I don't find any reason for you to stop this wonderful fic. The first chapter hasn't say much~~~ but it makes me interested xD. Hwaiting. I look forward to your next chapter xD