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31 March 2011 @ 02:46 am
Untitled/ I thought Chapter 3 Part I  
 Title: Untitled / I thought
Author: xinwo
Pairing: Leehom Wang/Yi Fei, JinKi/Jonghyun [Main], JinKi/Kibum [Main], Minho/Taemin, Yoon Ho/ Je Jung
Fandom: Leehom Wang, Shinee, Hit5, DBSK
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, Character Death, Slice of Life
Rating: PG-15
Length: Chaptered
Summary: After the recovering from the accident 2 years ago, Jonghyun age 26 finds himself married to a man, he doesn’t recognise as the man he agreed to marry 2 years ago. What happens then when you find out the reason behind the man’s condition is partly his fault? Will he be able to stick to the man and help towards the recovery or run away as he did 2 years ago? 
Synopsis : 
Notes: Things written in blue are spoken in Chinese. 


“But Umma, Jonghyun is sleeping there, can I not go today?” the voice said with a failed whisper from the outside the room.

But despite that Jonghyun was still able to listen to the conversation that was happening outside the door. As he shifted a little to get into more comfortable position in the couch while his eyes still close.

“Onew ah you still need to go baby... you know good boy needs to go to work all the time , then only Santa will give you gifts.“

Jonghyun would hear shifting of legs and little whisper of okay and that’s when the door opened with a click and a figure entered the room.
Jonghyun eyes were still close, as he tried faked to be asleep and motionless while the other figure roamed around the room that dashed towards a small closet room and came out with a suit and a tie attached to it.
But before the figure would go out of the room, he placed his things in the bed and grabbed a thin covered Jonghyun with it, as he bended down at his beautiful husband now and stared and said.
“Hi, Jonghyun, I’m Onew, Lee Onew nice to meet you. I know you are sleeping right now but I am practising for later on you know.” Onew gave a sweet smile and scratched his head in embarrassment then added, “As you know I am Onew, will you also be my friend, just like Mu Cheung, Guang Xi” as he started counting his friends but stopped after the two digits and said, “and all the people in the home.”

Onew then tapped his chin as he thought about something. “Ah... and… and Umma said, you will be my special friend as well from now on, oh and do you like Pokémon, digimon they are so cool right..” excitement was present in his voice as he talked about his likes on things etc.
But when Onew was plodding his likes and dislikes he didn’t notice the tied grip on the thin cover that he had laid on Jonghyun who was trying control himself from breaking down more than he already has from last night and hearing Onew talking about those things weren't helping at all.

“Onew ah, what are you doing? Let Jonghyun-iss sleep some more otherwise Ma will get angry if she finds out that you are disturbing Jonghyun-iss like that” said a woman in Chinese tone her voice sending the sending both feeling of threat and kindness in her voice.

Hearing a familiar voice JinKi turned his head towards the door and said, “But I wasn’t trying to wake him up Mu Cheung na ~” in a cute voice, with his pout visible.

“I was just practicing you know how to talk with him later on”, as slowly got up from the floor and quickly grabbed his things and headed towards the door.

As she opened the door wider for the JinKi to come out and closed at his back and said.

“Oh Onew ah is the best, okay okay, now let’s go and get ready for the work okay?” Mu Cheung said with a smile and lead JinKi downstairs.


Just when the door was closed, Jonghyun sighed with relieve as he opened his eyes. He was faced with a view of white sealing. Jonghyun was still thinking about how his life is going to be like from now on.

He still remembered what his mother said the previous night.

Flash Back

“Jonghyun ah, I need to say something to you baby” Mrs Kim said in serious tone, Jonghyun would feel the seriousness in his mother’s tone.

“Jonghyun before you would conclude anything, we did this all for you okay baby so that you don’t have to suffer anymore in life” said Mrs Kim, her voice trembling a little, as Jonghyun would see how her eyes have moisten within the some minutes.

“What is it Umma? Tell me?” Jonghyun said afraid something terrible would come out from his Umma’s mouth that will change his life from now on. Despite having a strong face, Jonghyun would see how his mother was breaking down with tears.

All this while, his father stood near the window and looked down the scenery it showed. Even though, it would look like his father looked like he didn’t care, but Jonghyun knew better than anyone how much his father was keeping up a false face for him.

 “Appa please tell me what is going wrong here?” Jonghyun asked desperately as he wouldn’t take in anymore towards his both parents.

“Jonghyun, I’m sorry but Jinki... your husband Jinki is…” His mother started but wouldn’t finish it since she broke down into more tears in sadness, how much her baby is going to suffer from now on.

But it was his father who finally spoke, “Jonghyun to tell you the truth, Lee Jinki is not a person he was 2 years ago” his face stern from any emotions as he looked over the city lights outside the window.

“Jonghyun, Jinki is not anymore Lee Jinki. He calls himself Onew accept in front of new people, Jinki is an adult with child’s mind” Mr Kim said and looked at the Jonghyun’s face accepting some kind of emotions running through Jonghyun’s face.

“He doesn’t remember anything that occurred before 2 years or any relation that he had when he was growing up, all he knows is that he is Lee Jinki for people but at home he is Onew an adult who thinks he is 6 years old.”

But before Mr Kim would go further in detail for the cause of JinKi’s situation he would see his son’s facial expression changing from anxious to the face which showed sadness and betrayal from both of his parents for not informing Jonghyun about this situation beforehand or letting him  decide on what he wants instead they just married off Jonghyun with someone with child’s mind and Jonghyun didn’t know what to do anymore.

“Appa...” Jonghyun said his mouth wide open with shock of his life, as he let go of his mother’s hand.

Mr Kim knew this was what the result was going to be like a betrayal to his own son but the damage was done even before this marriage would have taken place. Only if the accident wouldn’t have not happened Jonghyun would have been happily married right now instead of pouring tears of betrayal and sadness. But it was only in case of what ifs.

End of Flash Back



Jonghyun finally stepped out of the room after having a quick shower. Even though he would hate to face other member of the family and especially Jinki out of all of them but Jonghyun thought it was better to think about what he was going to do with a full stomach instead of a grumbling of one he is having right now.

“Arg... where is this Kitchen now?” Jonghyun grumbled, as he rubbed his neck while he frowned since he was still not that refreshed after the shower he took before.

As he was passing through a door, something slammed on his back or you would say someone.

Before Jonghyun would say anything, the person that knocked on him started to apologize without looking at the Jonghyun’s face. The man was wearing a light blue shirt with the combination of a dark blue tie, as he wore black pants.

“Ah... Sorry, Bao qian, Bao qian[1]” person said, as he was also continuing bowing without looking at Jonghyun’s eye.

“I am really sorry, Dui Bu qi[1]” the person.

Even though Jonghyun wouldn’t understand half of thing the person said, but he would guess that the person was apologizing in different language which is not Korean.

“It’s okay, you can stop apologising but can you please tell me where the Kitchen is.” Jonghyun said, as he tried to sound nice.

But the minute the person looked at Jonghyun’s eye. Jonghyun would clearly see who it was; it was no other than Onew/ JinKi/his husband/ the one first person he didn’t wanted to see early in the morning, smiling at him with a surprised look.

“Jonghyun ah, oh” Jinki said, as he dragged Jonghyun with his hand as he interlinked their hands together while heading towards the dining area of Lee Mansion.

Throughout the trip to the dining area, Jonghyun stared at the linked hand with Onew’s thin once. As they were going through the hall way, Jinki suddenly came to a stop and turned to Jonghyun and said.

“By the way, I’m JinKi, no what I mean is I am Onew, Lee Onew. Will you be my friend?” JinKi asked, as he gave a genius smile to Jonghyun in order to impress him.

Obviously, for Jinki learned that if you want to make friends, you at least need to introduce each other properly with a smile. But Jonghyun was different and Jinki knew about this that’s why he just gave away his extra charm to impress Jonghyun.

But that doesn’t seem the situation. When Jinki was introducing himself Jonghyun just stared at him with a frowned face.

‘If only you were not this way, my life would be much more better than this’ Jonghyun thought and instead of replying to Onew’s question, he said, “Can you please tell me where the kitchen”

Hearing Jonghyun dejection, Onew just pouted at him, as tears started to form corner of his eye. But Jonghyun ignored Onew pout and tears while he also broke the linked hand.

‘Maybe Jonghyun doesn’t like me at all’ Onew thought, as he sobbed invisible tears and leaded the way to the Kitchen. And throughout the way there wasn’t a single thing that was shared between the two.


As they approached the dinner area, he would hear sounds of people talking to each other. Since Jinki was before him, he also opened the door for him, while he entered the dining area Jonghyun would see all the eyes were on him, anticipating some kind of reaction.

But Jonghyun didn’t know how to react himself and bowed in respect towards Leehom and Yifei who he knows is his father and mother-in—laws. There was also another new face for Jonghyun. It was young beautiful lady and handsome man who looked were around more than 30 years old but as a respect for them Jonghyun also bowed towards them.

While Jonghyun was still standing in the door way, Onew sat next to the young lady and started eating his corn flaxes ignoring the stares he was getting from his parents and other people in the dining table.

‘But it was JJong’s fault that I am upset now’ Jinki thought as he stuffed himself with more food.

After looking at the Onew’s reaction Yifei understood the situation as she turned to Jonghyun and smiled at him and said.

“Jonghyun come here and sit” as she tapped the seat beside her. Jonghyun also quietly went next to Yifei and sat on the table with everyone else. Even though two of the people were still looking at him with a smile as Jonghyun also smiled back at them.

“Jonghyun ah, this is Ren Mu Cheung” Yifei said, as he directed him to the young lady, “You can say that she is my daughter-in-law and as for the person next to her is Ren Guang Xi, another son but different family, but we all are family right?” Yifei questioned to Guang Xi who smiled at Yifei.

“Yes Ma” said Guang Xi and Mu Cheung at the same time, as they all chuckled with laughter. Jonghyun also laughed on the reply. Seeing Jonghyun laugh so openly Onew stared and thought; ‘JJong, I am so going to make you my friend’ and grinned himself.

 During the whole time the conversation Jonghyun noticed that JinKi’s continuously staring at him as if he would swallow up Jonghyun raw. But Jonghyun just mistreated Onew’s stares and started interacting with other member of the family.


After the breakfast was done, Jonghyun went back to his room to get ready to meet his parents. But before he would go somewhere, he still has to tell good bye to Onew. It was more like a tradition for Lee family to say goodbye before anyone goes outside especially if you are married.

And Jonghyun knows that he is married but just..

“Jonghyun ah, come down stairs everyone is leaving now.” came the voice from outside.

“Yes, I will there in a minute” Jonghyun said, as he quickly packed his back pack with his phone and other essential needs and went outside.

When Jonghyun reach the front of the house, he would see that his father-in-law was hugging his mother-in-law as he whispered something for only for her to know.

While his mother and father were hugging each other, Jinki was also waiting for his special friend aka Jonghyun to give him a hug as well. But when he turned around, he would see a sour face that was married to Jonghyun’s face.

Instead Onew went near JinKi’s and said, “ Jjong I am sorry, I know Onew is wrong but Onew is  a good boy, Mu cheung said that and .. and” still not looking at Jonghyun’s eyes and stared at his black shoes which he was told to wear, and, “I can be friends with you that’s why will you be my friend Jjong?” asked again in hope that Jonghyun might want to be friends with him now as he also raised his hand for a hand shake but it never came.

Instead Jonghyun just ignored him and said, “I don’t what you are saying but please don’t bother me to be your friend, I don’t want to be friends with you”

As Jonghyun turned into another direction and walked away from Onew. Onew felt dejected again as he would feel his eyes moistening a little. He didn’t liked how Jonghyun would not want to be his special friend and how He wished he would be friend with Jonghyun as he did with his other friend in the school. But Onew didn’t give up yet, he knew he still have to make his special friend no matter what and said to himself, ‘Fighting Onew!! Mission to make Jonghyun the special friend’

“Onew are you ready yet?” Leehom asked from the car.

“Yes dad” Onew said as he ran towards the car.

 AUTHORS NOTE; [1] : I'm Sorry 
PART II ; will be update tomorrow on THURSDAY OR FRIDAY .
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