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01 July 2011 @ 01:43 am
Title: I thought 
Author: xinwo 
Pairing: Leehom Wang/Yi Fei, JinKi/Jonghyun [Main], JinKi/Kibum [Main], Minho/Taemin, Yoon Ho/ Je Jung
Fandom: Leehom Wang, Shinee, Hit5, DBSK
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst, Character Death, Slice of Life
Rating: PG-15
Length: Chaptered
Summary: After the recovering from the accident 2 years ago, Jonghyun age 26 finds himself married to a man, he doesn’t recognise as the man he agreed to marry 2 years ago. What happens then when you find out the reason behind the man’s condition is partly his fault? Will he be able to stick to the man and help towards the recovery or run away as he did 2 years ago? Will he be able to let go when times comes? will he be able to give up on love he once felt? 
Synopsis: So many are the things you never knew –Lee Hom Wang
Notes: Appa Father= Man in the relationship
            Dad Mother= Woman in the relationship

Characters  : More characters will be added with the further development of the story


Description: Leehom Wang was only one son from a Korean father and Chinese mother of Lee Family. He is a kind man who has experienced both hardships and suffering in life despite being only heir of most rich family since he was bought up by his mother side most of time. This taught him to not only how to become a Prince leader but also how to achieve as an individual himself. This was also the reason even though he is Korean he still inherited his mother last name against his parents will which has once caused clash in the history of Lee Family but was solved after the agreement on one condition. Although, Leehom Wang was given a proposal to marry a Korean woman/man in order to clean back Chinese blood from mixing further since his father only married his mother in order to bring more relations between the Chinese companies that is going to benefit them. But he refused to do so and married his wife Yifei. Leehom Wang’s, wife Yifei He met his wife Yifei, when he was studying for degree for both music and business in the University of Beijing and married her after 5 years of dating each other. After taking over the company from his father Leehom Wang, himself has a son named Lee JinKi with his wife Yifei whom he named after his father’s side of Korean culture. Yifei was a daughter of one of the music teachers in the University of Beijing where Leehom Wang studied and having a father as musician, inspired Yifei herself to teach music for students in University of Seoul until something happen to her son.




Lee Jinki [Onew]

Age: 30
Status: Ex- Kim Key[Death],Married to Kim Jonghyun, Kim Kibum
Family: Mother; Yifei [Chinese], Father; Leehom Wang [Korean/Chinese]
Education: Degree in Business Administration
Occupation:  Chairman of Lee Co-operation
Description: Lee JinKi is the only son of  Leehom Wang and Yifei. Having a family line made up of mixed culture JinKi grew up having to learn both Chinese and Korean culture and languages. Even though, he is a son of rich family, JinKi has always acted as a normal kid since he has been taught to work hard to achieve his goals and have success in life by his both parents despite having silver spoon in his table. Just like in normal high school story JinKi also fell in love and had his own share of heart breaks but in the seniors of high school he met a American- Korean mixed student called Key Kim who has just transferred from Canada to Korea in his school. After some fights and bickering they started to have a steady relationship as they continued their love story even after graduating from University of Seoul.  As JinKi took over his father’s place the similar proposal of marriage to a Korean family was introduced to him by his grandfather 2 years ago which he obviously refused to accept just like his father. And instead proposed his 7 years of lover for marriage in hand but what happens when his life is turned upside down just within 24hr of his life? And what happens to JinKi 2 year ago?



Kim Jonghyun

Age:  26
Status: Married to Lee Jinki
Family: Mother, Father, Cousin Kibum, Brother Step JaeJoong
Education: Degree in Music
Occupation: Unemployed
Kim Jonghyun used to be a rebellion guy, with lots of tricks under his sleeves until he got himself into an accident which almost killed him. It took him almost 2 years to get back his movement back of his hand but he knew he lost his ability to play the piano and guitar or to play the music he used to love so much along with someone he used to hold dearly. After spending quite some time in the hospital bed, over time Jonghyun matured himself as he looked forward to recovery from the accident. However, right after he was discharged he found himself tied in the knot of marriage to a man known as Lee JinKi whom once thought was like a one upon time kind of funny story 2years ago. Nevertheless, despise his disagreement inside his heart Jonghyun married the man in the end.  But what happens when the condition he finds out about the man’s condition and more importantly it was all caused by him. What is Kim Jonghyun going to do? Leave out the man or try to help the man to recover from it?




Kim Key

Age: 30 [Death]
Status: Engaged to Lee JinKi
Family: Dad (Mother) [American], Appa {(Father) [Korean] Divorced}, Twins Brother
Education: Unfinished Degree in Law
Occupation: used to work in Music Store

Kim Key grew up in a broken family. He used to live with his dad in Canada but moved back to Korea in hope that he would reconnect his broken family back. As he also studied law in hope to see them again but even after 7 year living in Korea Key would never trace anything about his past family. Since Key had a weird sense of hairstyle and his unique sense of fashion which some time gave him troubles which has caused lots of problem during his university life. Despite all that Key was still one of the best students in his department though teachers would still complain about his appearance but he would careless about that. After celebrating 7 years of being together with his boyfriend JinKi and the marriage proposal Key was more than happy to accept it but what happens when his happiness didn’t last long. Due to careless driving that night, Key Kim was pronounced dead right at the spot of accident, leaving his dad and boyfriend.






Kim Kibum

Age: 30
Status: Single
Family: Dad (Mother) [American], Appa {(Father) [Korean] Divorced}, Twins Brother, Cousin Kim Jonghyun
Education: Degree in Performing Art
Occupation: None
Description: K

Kim Kibum doesn’t remember having a twin brother although he does know about his dad but since most of his childhood was like a closed book, he grew up knowing that his dad was died. Even though, Kibum was fully loved child from his appa and was given everything he still felt something missing - a sibling. That’s why Kibum poured out his love for his sibling all love to Jonghyun his cousin who is 4 year younger them him and adores him so much. However, after Jonghyun’s accident, Kim Kibum flied right back from America just to make sure that he is alright. Throughout Jonghyun’s recovery process Kibum flied back and forth during the weekends just to make sure Jonghyun is alright. But after two year of continuous flying back and forth from Korea to America and so Kibum finally stops it’s after Jonghyun constant nagging about how expensive the flights were. But what happens when Kim Kibum returns back to Korea for another visit to Jonghyun? How is he going to react? But what is going to happen when Kibum meets Lee family? Will he go back to America or stay in there and help out Jonghyun for what he has done?

Park Jaebeom
Age: 26
Status: Married to Taeyeon
Family: None
Education: Degree in Music
Occupation: used to high school Music Teacher
Description: Park Jaebeom was also a rebellious student that attended the same class as Jonghyun during university days or you would say they were more like partner in crimes in everything and best buddies since high school. This was mostly due to both interests in music that pulled them together. However, after the accident took place and lose of person special among their group Jaebeom understood the important of life and matured into something that nobody would believe he would be- a high school Music Teacher. Then within a year he got married to his long time boyfriend Taeyeon and is now residing in Seattle in order to forget bitter memories of the past.



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